I am Benson Khau.

I am a constant work-in-progress. (So is this site.)

Not Enough BBQ presents:

Steampunk Soiree


A webcomic by Shaina Lu. Updates on a weekly basis.
Working on a redesign!

Shaina Lu's Art Portfolio


An online portfolio for Shaina Lu. Code is mine, but all the wonderful art is hers.

Paul Mach's Gallery


Online gallery for painter and calligraphist Paul Mach. An exploration of JQuery and Lightbox.

Helicopter JS (in progress)


Canvas + KineticJS helicopter game. Early stages of messing around and improving JavaScript understanding.
May or may not die horribly depending on what I'm doing.

Dragon's Den


Goofing around with Canvas/JQuery (magicpreview) to create a simple text(-ish) adventure.



ACM-level (CS189) problem fadetoblack + JQuery (magicpreview)